Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fender guitar straps – combining beauty and comfort

Great quality of Fender guitar straps makes them are very popular and famous. Even that basic goal of Fender is guitars, their accessories have that high quality.

Deluxe Wide Padded Leather Strap
That’s a huge guitar strap that allows his user to spread weight of the instrument to a wide part of strap. All that helps to make playing guitar comfortable and in easy way. So, even an extra-heavy guitar can be used more comfortable with that strap. There are two models of that strap – in colours black and walnut.

Vintage Style Strap

Original Vintage Style Strap has been re-designed and now there is Deluxe version of that strap. Deluxe is more comfortable because the shoulder pad was upgraded and become thicker. Colours of strap are black and natural.

Vintage Tweed Strap

Outlook of that strap is more classic and vintage. Endings of strap are brown leather tabs that can be easily attached to a guitar and make using of it comfortable and easy.

Poly Fender Logo Straps

Straps made from black poly-weebling and looking solid. Only one thing is come to eyes – Fender logo, which was made in three colours: red, yellow, white.

Monogrammed Leather Straps

Made from leather, straps have a cool design with Fender logos and interesting squares. There are many different types of design – Black/Yellow/Brown, Black/Light Grey/ Dark Grey, White/Brown/Yellow, Black/Yellow/Red, Black/Light Grey/Blue, Red/White/Blue.

Impact Series Straps
Impact Series has beautiful logos on the endings of strap. There are fire, heart, star, hand, skull and other logos, which has a great looking style. Material of strap is poly webbing.

Cotton/Leather Straps

Combination of cotton and leather gives these straps a comfortable using and comfort. On the endings, they have an oval Fender logo. Colours are black, natural, tan and navy.

Road Worn Straps

Adjustable Road Worn straps made in black and brown colours. Their high quality will give users all opportunities that they wanted from straps. Comfort and stability – that’s a major for that model.