Friday, December 17, 2010

Virtual Stradivari Violin

Garritan launched his virtual instrument Solo Violin in 2006 and it change into very popular, so even these days interest to that plugin is still on excessive level. I may even say that it was one of many instruments which have many articulations and controls of play, so the sound became rather more reasonable than all products launched before. Even first product Garritan Personal Orchestra was not so nicely as Stradivari Solo Violin. So it was a huge success for that company and huge way ahead into new period of more sensible digital instruments. Read about plugin in my review - Review of Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin

Make score with virtual instruments

I remember the time once I get all in favour of music. And I favored how all instruments work together with each other, how they creating a new atmosphere with many fascinating sounds. Now, we have many virtual instruments which have actual samples and we will create orchestration and exquisite arrangments. First plugins that I tried was not large and now there are plugins with more than 100 Gb's of samples in library. Sound of such big libraries is superb and I feel means of enhancements are infinite. I wrote a small post about vst instruments - Orchestra Vst - create your own score

Monday, December 13, 2010

Problems in vocal with high notes

Learners always straining their voice on high notes. Solely small % of people may sing high notes without straining from birth. Others have to discover ways to sing these notes simply without efforts. If you happen to assume that singing high notes is a battle you are wrong. Keep in mind that your voice need to be relaxed for obtain a great result. In case you are tightening up your voice, you hurting your throat and vocal cords. And how you can attain these excessive notes? More about that read in my article - How to sing high notes easily

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Electric, acoustic and synth basses

Bass is an important instrument in the music. He can provide groove and dynamics in the mix, show to listeners primary notes and assist different instruments. And trendy sample libraries bring for us very sensible tone of electrical and acoustic basses, and new variations of synthesizers deliver finest synth bass tones. I wrote a post about vst instruments and synths that could possibly be very helpful for creating music in different kinds and genres. Examine that in post - Making bass - list of bass vst plugins

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mixing music

Mixing is an entire science. And like in each science, you could have sensible expertise and theory. Practice is an important factor in all learnings, however with out idea it is going to be extra complicated. Mixing is not only a soundproducing process. It involves understanding of how instruments sounding, how they need to sound and other completely different things. For rookies it's all the time a troublesome to combine music in a correct and quality level. However with practice it all begins to come together and make process extra snug and even. Learn more about mixing in my article - How to mix a song - important things