Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gibson Baldwin Signature Series LP – great for start

I heard many opinions about Gibson Baldwin Signature Series guitar, and some of them were negative, some positive. And one opinion was extremely right – sound is in our hands, not in the quality of guitar. Of course, professional guitarists using high-quality guitars because they better delivering message from musicians. But everybody starts from something. And I know many examples of successful musicians who started his career with a cheap and simple guitar.

Gibson Baldwin Signature Series LP
Style of guitar is similar to Gibson Les Paul guitars with its recognizable curves. Neck is stabilized by bolts, that's a difference with standard Gibson guitars. We can also notice that there are 22 frets and dot inlays on rosewood fingerboard. On the bridge guitar has two humbucker pickups with controls for volume and tone. There are also 3-way selector for pickups. So, we have a simple guitar that could use a beginner.

Usability and outlook
As I already mentioned, guitar has outlook that similar to classic Gibson Les Paul. Finish is cherry sunburst and it looks cool and vintage. Frets also normal and smooth. Only one thing is bad – tune of guitar always losing control. But when playing before 12th fret sound is more appropriate, I think for beginners it will be not so crucial.

Well, guitar is stable, and even when I dropped it, finish not scratched at all. I will not recommend to throw it out of the window on a 100th floor, but if you decide to transport Gibson Baldwin, guitar will be alright. Maybe the knobs is not promising, but that's normal for such guitar.

Quality of sound
Good sound is always what musician want to hear when he buys guitar. But as I already mentioned, sound is in our hands. I remember my first cheap guitar, sound was bad because my skills was not good. After some time of practicing, I bought more expensive guitar and I was shocked that sound was not different when I playing chords. Difference was in solos, sound on cheaper guitar was not so good. But for beginners Gibson Baldwin LP could give possibility for understanding the basics of playing.

I recommend that guitar for beginners who want to try his skills in playing guitar and don't want to buy an expensive models. Success with that guitar will give you assurance that you on a right way and can play almost on every guitar.