Friday, July 30, 2010

Gibson Strap – nice guitar straps

Straps is necessary for every guitar. And Gibson strap have all properties that musician need – great outlook, reliability and required comfort. Gibson company produces many various guitar straps – leather, safety, woven.

Gibson leather strap

There are different types of leather straps from Gibson. Colours are various from brown to cognac. They have an adjustable length and laces for strapping the guitar. On the top of some leathers there are Gibson logo maded in gold colours.

Gibson woven strap

With leather tips that kind of Gibson straps can make your guitar safely attached on strap locks. They have a Gibson USA logo across the strap maded in gold or blue colours.

Gibson safety strap

Safety strap features leather tips that can offer your guitar needed safety. Strap has a design of lighting bolts and Gibson logos. Safety straps is maded in Jet black or Ferrari red colours.