Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mixing music books

Mixing music is not so easy as beginners think. I already wrote about music creating in earlier post. It requires a lot of experience in sound producing and years of work with sound. Mixing music books is a helpful material for beginners and others who found some problems with quality of their tracks.

So, from who you can learn?

1) David Gibson – The Art of Mixing
 Wonderful book and № 1 for all who want to learn art of mixing. David Gibson gives full explanation of mix and his visual system really helps to understand rules of mix.

2) Bobby Owsinski – The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook
 Bobby Owsinski created very informative book with many examples and illustrations, that makes learning of mixing very fast and simple. You will learn about 6 steps for mix and how to create your own style of mixing.

3) Bob Katz – Mastering Audio
 Bob Katz wrote a good book about mastering audio. But it’s also about preparing your mix for mastering and answers for questions about digital audio. Book is also have humour of Bob Katz, so the learning for readers is really enjoyable.