Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Creating music (introduction)

Music is improbable displaying of human feelings and emotions. However quality of created music depends not only on feelings and emotions of the composer. It is not necessary to forget about performance level, idea of a composition, integrity, correct and competent mixing.

I have tried to show a dependence of abilities with reference to quality of created music:As you can see, parts are almost equal in rights, considerable deterioration in one of parts will affect to a whole quality of music

1. Performance

So, music begins with performance. No value, you write down live or draw notes in digital audio workstations(DAW) – performance should be equal and coincide with harmony of a musical track. At live record it is better to use a metronome though and at a virtual parts creation it will help to be guided better in a grid of notes.
Good performance consists not only in flatness of notes. It also consists in dynamics of performance. This note is louder, this is more silent. Or maybe some fast notes executed legato.
It is necessary to mention and performance elements. It can be chords, bends, slides, flageolets. All depends on the instrument on which the musical part is executed. More universal instruments are a guitar, piano. I think, it explains their popularity.

With the advent of Midi and VST it is possible to create music improbably approached to a real sound. Such companies as Native Instruments, ViR2, Steinberg, Toontrack let out excellent virtual instruments.

To be continued…