Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ibanez dealers all around the world

Musicians often looking for specific Ibanez guitars and asking about them from Ibanez dealers. There are many of them, but sometimes searching of dealers and stores become a real problem.

If you live in USA, you can find dealers on the official website of Ibanez. They have a search on all states. If you live in United Kingdom, you could find Hartnoll Guitars in Devon, Pooles in Grimsby, Denmark Street Online in London, Middlesbrough Music Centre in Middlesbrough, Fret Music Ltd. in Shirley, Hampshire, The Guitar and Amp Shop in West Sussex, Dolphin Music in Liverpool, The Rock Room in Derbyshire, Gear4Music in York, The Guitar Store in Southampton, Fair Deal Music in Birmingham, Coda Music in Stevenage, Dazamakiz Guitars UK in Blackpool, Frets Guitar Centre in Lancashire and many others.

For Australian guitar stores and dealers find Australis Music Group. In Brazil you could find Ibanez guitars in Equipo. For Canadian guitar stores look for Efkay Music. China – Great Wall Audio. In Russia – ATTrade. In France – Mogar Music France. Ibanez dealers in Italy – Mogar Music S.P.A.

To find more countries go to the official Ibanez website and choose country in the list. Then go to the right upper corner and find Contact. There you will get important information for stores and dealers.