Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free guitar VST’s from Nick Crow and LePou

 In some of the previous posts I told about using VST effects and recording electric guitar. In this post I will tell you how to apply free guitar VST’s from Nick Crow and LePou in Cubase.

On-default a folder for storage VST plugins is: Program Files/Steinberg/VST Plugins/. You can always change this directory.

Now about plugins. For guitar amplifiers it is possible to use such free guitar vst’s:
1) Nick Crow - 8505, 7170, Wagner Mk2 Sharp
2) LePou – Le456, LeGion, LeXTAC

Plugins of guitar cabinets:
- Voxengo Boogex
- Poulin LeCab

How to use effects I described in the post – How to use VST effects in Cubase. Put one of amplifiers and then one guitar cabinet – and you’ll receive a good guitar sound.
For free plugins look here: