Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recording electric guitar

Frequently beginners recording electric guitar commit a standard error – they incorrectly using the classical recording scheme of electric guitar. Sometimes quality of a sound turns out excessively disgusting, and guitarists can’t understand whole problems. Someone starts to think that a problem is in the bad equipment, or in bad home record.

Scheme is very simple and still will be used for a long time. Even digital devices use this scheme at sound processing. So, here it is:

I will explain more in detail: the sound taken from guitar, gets in the amplifier which amplify signal. Then the signal leaves a guitar cabinet (dynamics) and recording by microphone.

Mistakes that make beginners:
1) They forgetting about a guitar cabinet. The sound turns out sharp and really annoying.
2) Position of microphones near cabinet. Sound can differ from deaf to sharp.
3) Putting the amplifier after dynamics. Also bad sound.