Friday, June 25, 2010

How to record keyboard in Cubase

So, I already mentioned how to record  guitar in Cubase. Now I will tell you how to record the keyboard instrument. To record Midi in Cubase, you need a synthesizer with Midi-outputs or the Midi-keyboard. The data can be transferred through Midi outputs or through USB.

Let's start:
1)   Power on a keyboard or synthesizer.

2)   Start Cubase. Click on File – New Project – Empty.

3)   Then add Midi-track. Project – Add track – MIDI.
4)    Now we choose out for MIDI track. It is possible to use the built in software, and it is possible to apply VST instruments. VST is a instrument in which based on audiosamples, therefore a quality of a sound of some instruments almost like from real instruments. For an example, I will use the instrument from Cubase SX 3 – Synth A1. For this purpose choose Devices – VST Instruments – Synth – A1. All VST tools for MIDI are used through this option.

5)   You can also choose patch in the instrument and get different sounds.

6)   Record. Record goes similarly, as well as a record of live instruments.
That’s all. Now you can record music in any style.