Friday, June 25, 2010

Metal Amp Room from Softube – Review

This product from Softube was released long time ago, but only recently I was possible to try this plugin. According to developers, their goal was to reach an aggressive and brutal sound of guitars.


Appearance is extremely simple. A room with 2 cabinets and 2 microphones on each section. Adjustment positions of microphones, gate control and equalizers. In new version Metal Amp Room 1.1 you can turn off cabinet or amplifier, and use other plugins for creating unique sound.


The sound enough dry and gain is quite adequately regulated. Noise gate also works tolerably. Adjustment of microphones changes a sound strongly enough. And certainly on quality it is similar to natural lamp sounding.

I record a track with preset Scoop1 for rhytm-guitars, and TM_Dagoba1 for solo guitar:

I think that for guitarists which playing heavy styles, this VST plugin will help to receive the necessary sound without much efforts.