Monday, September 6, 2010

Teach yourself guitar – from beginner to professional

If you want to teach yourself guitar, you must prepare for a long way of trials and mistakes. Learning stuff with a teacher can give you an important opinion what you do wrong and what you do right. With yourself teaching that opinion could only yours. So, you need to hear your own sound, avoid mistakes and stay on the quality, not quantity.

One of the most important things in learning is practice. Without proper practice we cannot achieve wanted skills or without system for practice process will be very long and hard. But with modern information society, we can find many good programs and methods that will help us learning guitar. Modern recording devices and software also made process of practice comfortable and faster. When we playing on guitar we cannot hear all mistakes because our mind is concentrates on correct technique and timing. But recorded guitar will show us all bad and good sides of playing.If you want to teach yourself guitar, recording could be a good helper for understanding weak sides of playing.

And I already mentioned about different methods of learning guitar. Every year we can see many interesting products that can help us in practice. One of my favorite books which were released in late 90's was Troy Stetina's Metal Lead and Rhythm Guitar. As a continue for more progressive play, he released Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar – book that helped me to achieve a fast and good technique. I can also compare to Troy Stetina books a masterpiece from Guthrie GovanCreative Guitar in 2 volumes. In books you can find not only theory and exercises with tabs, there are also an audio of all exercises. When you hear how it sounds, that really motivates and give a real example of how it should be. I also noticed some good courses from Jamorama and Learn And Master series.

So, what we need for learning guitar yourself?
1. Interesting learning course
2. Recording devices and soft
3. A lot of practice