Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Using Cubase automation

For adjustment parametres of the instrument in mix helps Cubase automation – function allowing to regulate volume, position in space, equalization and others. It allows to create music with a changing environment.

For example, you should create gradual attenuation of a sound or its moving from the left channel to the right. All it easily becomes with the help of automation in Cubase.

More in details about Cubase automation:
1) Choose a track on which will be automation. At the left below you will see “+” – press it and you will see new parameter Volume.

2) Now choose a pencil and draw a curve. Green button "R" means “Reading”. Once you presssed it you disconnect automation.

3) Also it is possible to press near to “R” – button "W" and having pressed play you can establish automation in real time.